I focus most of my coaching on serving CPAs, CFOs, and executives in professional services on the following paths:


There are many critical decisions for CFOs and accountants. Two of the most common and impactful are first deciding where to serve, and second whether to stay. The decision to leave surfaces in everyone’s career. While it is easy to run from one position to the next, it is much more difficult to be intentional in deciding what IS next. What will I be missing if I stay? What will I be missing if I go?

I’m not going to place you at your next job. I am the call you make before engaging a recruiter.

We’re going to define your next job. And then we’re going to name it. With some crafting, it might be right where you’re at, down the street, or across the globe. I’m not biased to influence your decision, other than to ensure it is the right destination for you. Whether we create a bridge to a better opportunity, or a destination resort you never leave, the return for the investment in coaching on this path is better quality of life, fulfillment and resonance with your values and needs.


I coach high potentials, whether they are operating on all cylinders or experiencing problems. Executives regularly, for any number of professional or personal reasons, face significant challenges and want a coach to help them align their performance with their potential. And they should, given the heightened pressures and circumstances they are placed in.

Based on my skills, perspective, and experience, I can support a high potential to navigate the influences on their performance and see a clear path forward. You may return to your expected performance, exceed previous expectations as you explore your potential, or do right by yourself and your organization by moving on. It is not my job to retain an executive within an organization. The investment in coaching for a high potential will either provide a significant return with a re-engaged and high performing professional, or decreased cost of time and turnover in transition.

My coaching pays for itself.

Business Development

You may never have planned to be in sales. You may have chosen accounting specifically because it was not sales. Yet, at some point in your career, a professional services executive will need to sell.

In my career, I have sold millions of dollars of professional service work. I received professional sales training, mentoring, coaching, and experience to support my efforts.

With these skills, and my experience as a professional coach, I am a dangerous asset for executives selling professional services.

I coach executives to drive their personal growth in business development, which in turn drives firm growth. We will create a relationship between billable and business development hours that will inspire and engage new business. Business development efforts are dials that can be turned up or down but should never be turned off. I create the ability with my clients so that the dials are always at the right setting, and business is won.

The return on an investment in coaching business development is seen through new engagement opportunities, goals achieved, and bonuses earned.


I stick by my clients through thick and thin.

Life can throw curveballs, changeups, or an occasional dump truck in your direction. Urgency can create uncertainty, fear, and chaos, which will influence your decision making. Potentially, you may find yourself reacting to life, relying on hope, rather than being intentional or facing the harsh reality.

In these circumstances, whether it be surrounding a career decision, critical performance deficiency, or life circumstance, I am the coach you bring in. I’ve experienced plenty of crisis in my own career and life, as well as in my clients’ lives, to have developed a perspective, range, and skillset equipped to support you. I have worked with clients in a wide scale of crisis, to see them through and standing tall.

With critical matters, my coaching program becomes fluid. I am available when you need, whether it be weekly meetings, late night phone calls, or in-person meetings, regardless of where you live. I become a lifeline to a better path, and we get real intentional real quick.

I’m experienced to forge alternate paths, but find these to be most resonant among my CFO and CPA clients.

There are two things we need to create: Where you are going and how you will get there. Together, we’ll go where you couldn’t go yourself. If you’re committed in forging a path to a worthy destination, contact me.

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