What’s your plan?

I don’t have one. I talk to you and build one.

Client engagements typically run between three to six months, depending on the circumstances, destination, and distance between. I continue to serve some clients well beyond six months, as we work together on their paths or create others.

Fees for coaching are collected prior to the initial session, and refundable for uncompleted sessions, net one Bag of Fun ($400).

How often do we meet?

Coaching occurs twice a month, in 90-minute sessions

These sessions can be in person, whether it be at my office or yours, or if you reside outside of Colorado, by telephone or Zoom. A debrief from each session will be made available to you, including recommended reading, tactics, homework, and observations. I am also available to clients between sessions for urgent and important matters.

What can I expect?

Coaching sessions are confidential, unbiased, and free of judgment.

I don’t have a consulting or training package to accompany my services. I spend my time coaching individuals. Period. I believe my greatest impact to a professional services firm or business, is by serving its greatest asset: you. I believe my greatest purpose is to create a unique, personal, and inspired relationship to serve you on your path, and to get the results you desire.

My work is modeled after gonzo journalism, whereby my coaching is influenced by emotion and personal experiences and in contrast to a more detached style. I am a die hard for my client’s vision, will protect the designed path, and honor accountability and skilled work.

I believe that you deserve a coach who has trained, has unique experience, and is professionally certified and credentialed to serve you. It would be my honor and privilege.

There are two things we need to create: Where you are going and how you will get there. Together, we’ll go where you couldn’t go yourself. If you’re committed in forging a path to a worthy destination, contact me.

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