A Coach for Accountants

You’ve heard it: In professional services, people are the firm’s most valued asset. If you are an accountant, financial planner, or member of a professional services firm, I am your most valued asset.

My name is Doug Slaybaugh and I am the CPA Coach

Firms spend a great deal of money and time to ensure their assets are cared for. They are given proper attention, supported in their careers, and offered training and development. Deservedly so, given how busy these assets can get, the stress they endure, the revenue they generate, and the circumstances they’re placed into.

Sometimes you need someone that cares more about you than your ability to bill hours.

That’s where I focus. With brilliant insight and unconditional love, I coach you like you mean business. I’ve built a career intentionally (and sometimes accidentally) tailored to serve accountants and members of professional services firms. I focus my training, development, attention, and passion in being the best coach for you. And I focus on you as an individual, as a whole and real person, rather than as an asset.

And yes, I work with firms, CFOs, accountants in private industry, CEOs, entrepreneurs, controllers, and Navy Seals. My experience and expertise transitions from public to private, service to industry, and career to self-employment.