Forging paths and taking names.

I take professionals where they couldn’t go themselves.

A Coach for CFOs and CPAs

You are your organization’s most valued asset. With my skills and experience, I am your most valued asset.

My name is Doug Slaybaugh and I am the CPA Coach.

Firms spend a great deal of money and time to ensure their assets are cared for. They are given proper attention, supported in their careers, and offered training and development. Deservedly so, given how busy these assets can get, the stress they endure, the revenue they generate or manage, and the implications of their decisions.

Sometimes you need more than they provide.

That’s where I come in. I coach you like you mean more than business. I’ve built a career intentionally (and sometimes accidentally) tailored to serve executives, accountants and members of professional services firms. I focus my training, development, attention, and passion in being the best coach for you. And I focus on you as an individual, as a whole and real person, rather than as an asset.

And yes, I coach with firms, sponsoring organizations, accountants in private industry, CEOs, entrepreneurs, controllers and other high potentials. My experience and expertise translate from public to private, service to industry, and career to self-employment.

My Coaching

I believe Coaching is a metaphor, meant to describe a guided journey from where you are to where you want to go. I serve my clients by helping them find their destination, and then forge a path from here to there.

The destination is an improved version of yourself, whether it be:

  • with a different employer or heightened level of engagement within your organization,
  • with a new level of performance within the business, tapping into your potential,
  • with more fulfillment or purpose, or
  • having dealt with a personal or professional crisis.

The path is how you get there. My coaching is focused first on your efforts to create a vision and then forging a path to it.

Not your typical life coach.

This isn’t typical life coaching. I’m a “Work Coach,” serving professionals by creating engaging coaching relationships to improve their careers, paychecks, and lives. I work specifically with CFOs, accountants, and professional service executives on career, performance, business development, and crisis. However, I don’t ignore life in my coaching, because life doesn’t ignore work. My coaching is deep and requires a full accounting.

If you are a CFO or CPA…if you need support…if you feel there is a different version of you…if there is interference with your performance…if you feel your potential is being governed …I am the coach for you. This is the place to be: Where paths are forged.

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